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InTheSnow Product Review - Mark V & Mark V Shell Suits

InTheSnow Product Review - Mark V & Mark V Shell Suits

Britain's biggest ski magazine InTheSnow, took the time to check out our latest Mark V & Mark V Shell one piece suits and give their honest opinion on what they think about our latest creations.

As part of their new series, 'The White Out', a panel of Emily Sarsfield, English freestyle skier who competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as journalists and ski gear experts Rob Stewart and Megan Hughes, took a look at some of the latest gear for the 2020/21 season...

Here's some snippets on what they had to say about the Mark V and Mark V Shell, but if you want to see it for yourselves the full video is linked below:

"I'm so excited about this one, this is one of my favourite products for this season."

"I think it looks great, I absolutely love the Oneskee ski suits."

"What Oneskee do is they've re-invented the retro one piece style and made it cooler."

"Olympic Champion snowboarder Hannah Teter has her own collection as well, there is a really nice leopard print one for women in there."

"Its got all the performance, with 20k/20k waterproof and breathability, I mean everything about this I just love!"

"Its even got a zipper on the bum, so if you do have to go to the toilet you don't have to take the whole thing off, I just love it!"

"One piece ski suits went out of fashion years ago, but these guys have come along and reinvented it to make it look so cool."

"They are supper super comfy, I've actually got one at home and I can't wait to try it out on the slopes."

"It makes a statement doesn't it, wearing that is going to get a few looks, but definitely in the right way!"

You can watch the full review here:

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