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Size Guide - Kids - Ski suit

Kids Size Guide - Ski Suit

The fit of our snow suits is a defining feature of our style and brand identity. Our kids suits adopt the same style as our adults suits in terms of their fit, with a drop crotch and slightly longer in length for that loose fit and look.

When trying on the suits, make sure your child is wearing boots of some description.

The sizing is aged 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 & 11/12. As an example - if your child is 5, please note that the 5/6 sizing is a 6 year old size spec so they will have room for growth.

Label Height (cm) Half Chest (cm)
5 to 6 Up to 122 43
7 to 8 Up to 134 46
9 to 10 Up to 146 49
11 to 12 Up to 158 52